Electroni Kongo – Fire

Electroni Kongo are a Kongolese Techno band comprising arranger, bassist and guitarist Mulele Matondo and electronic musician Ben Eyes. Mulele fled a war torn Kongo to West Yorkshire and met Ben in an attic studio in Leeds. The pair formed a strong bond based on an appreciation of each other’s musical heritage. Mulele’s experience of playing guitar and bass in top AfroBeat bands across Nigeria and Kongo met with Ben’s love of the rhythms and fluid synths of acid techno and avant bleeps from the North of England. The pair made music together along with singer Tipo. Fast forward twenty years and whilst Ben was on tour the two met in London and decided to create Electroni Kongo in memory of their friend Tipo who had sadly passed away. The resulting music combines the energy, melody and rhythmic intensity of Mulele’s Kongolese music combined with the future-facing sound of Ben’s driving electronics. Hand crafted at Hohm Studios in Bradford with Ben’s long term collaborator and producer Ross Halden the Fire EP : captures the energy and spontaneity of the pair in full flow. Finished and mixed during the lockdown the resulting songs have a unique sound whilst fully bringing the party. Their live show does not disappoint, bringing live guitars, percussion, vocals, analogue synths,drum machine and sampler to destroy any dance floor.

Ben Eyes – Fl00d

Ben Eyes – Live From Chapel FM


Stocker / Eyes

The Diamond Sea