Composition, Audio Production and Sound Design

Audio Production

Ben has recently completed recording, mixing and mastering work for:

    Jane Horrocks and Wrangler’s “Cotton Panic” show for Manchester International Festival
    Nihiloxica’s headlining show at Trans Musicale Festival, Rennes
    Composer Daniel Lo and the Hong Kong Philharmonic orchestra
    The 24 choir for BBC Radio 3
    Decca Records

Specialising in recording, mixing and mastering for Stereo, 5.1 and ambisonics (B-format).  Mixing and mastering is done using a hybrid analogue and digital system using a large format analogue console, DBX compression, a large collection of analogue and digital hardware effects and Eventide processing.  For Digital processing I use Waves, Sound Toys and Focusrite plugins. Monitoring utilises speakers from Yamaha and Spendor in a fully acoustically treated studio space.

Here are some examples of my work:

Sound design and mixing for performance, mixing and mastering final recording.

Composition “Fl00d” released on Time Released Sound (USA)

Recording, mixing and mastering for The 24 choir for BBC Radio 3.

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